The Martin Douglas Snail-Mail Exchange Program

Shortly before I started my blog (well, actually years before, when I was temporarily staying with a friend’s parents), I decided to rent a P.O. Box. When the blog started getting more and more readers, I thought it was a good idea to keep it, so that I can be sent promo copies of records and demos and such. Given the severely depressing glut of CD’s from crappy bands (the bad-to-good ratio is literally like 30:1) and the fact that I keep forgetting to renew my magazine subscriptions, I’ve decided that my P.O. Box should be put to actual good use. Thus, I’ve come up with The Martin Douglas Snail Mail Exchange Program! It’s simple: Send me things. Send me anything; a love letter, an old book, a mix CD, self-made clothing, anthrax, whatever, and I legit promise you that I will send you something in return of equal-or-greater value. Here’s the address:

Martin Douglas
P.O. Box 24301 
Federal Way, WA 98093-1301

P.S. Hand-knit scarves are my favorite gift. :)


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