A Few Things About My Novel That I’m Too Excited to Wait Until After My Hiatus to Tell You

  • I will be self-publishing it, and there will be a Kickstarter.
  • There will be t-shirts and badges for every fictional band mentioned, hopefully each done by a different artist (and one designed by me).
  • There will more than likely be an Our Band Could Be Your Life-esque zine/mini-book about all of the fictional bands.
  • There will hopefully be a pseudo-soundtrack with real bands performing songs by the fictional bands.
  • There will be extra goodies, like liner notes for some of the fictional albums, silkscreen tour posters, band bumper stickers, and maybe a limited-edition 7”.

Late last night in bed, where I do a lot of my thinking about the book, I thought to myself, “I would be full of shit if I went to a publisher with a book about a fictional DIY music scene. Why don’t I just do everything myself? Since I’m writing about a bunch of DIY art-punks, why don’t I just approach this whole process like a DIY art-punk?” I have some really great ideas for both the story and the extra stuff, and if all of this ambition doesn’t kill me, this is going to be the most incredible thing I’ve ever done with my life. I’ve honestly never been more excited about anything.


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