Combing through my Facebook timeline for the past couple of hours, I was honestly a little surprised by the response to Obama winning the election, as there was no doubt in my mind that he would be victorious and the race wouldn’t even be close. I guaranteed it. I offered to put money on it. When the national election results were posted, there was no celebratory shock. Following both campaigns for as long as they’ve been around, I thought everybody was certain this would happen.

I started to wonder if it was maybe a generational thing, with young voters and young adults doing what young voters and young adults do, which is hope to whatever higher power they believe in that the bad guys don’t come out victorious. You know, the whole “I’m moving to Canada/Denmark/the Moon/etc.” thing. I wondered if the voters around my age were as certain as me of the results. Perhaps there was a “nothing in life is promised” sense of agitation in play with others, but the collective sigh of relief seemed deeper than my own. I knew he had this shit.

Obama will still be our president come January. Marijuana is legal in Washington. Same-sex couples can get married just like everybody else here. The world is going in far too awesome a direction for me to continue sitting around moping about how shitty my life is sometimes. The world is beautiful right now, and I should be doing my part to help it stay a wonderful place.

Hiatus repealed. Everybody fucks up every now and again.


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