Ty Segall - “You’re the Doctor”

I’m not exactly sure which is better: Ty screaming and absolutely fucking shredding on network television (and possibly freaking out most of Middle America in the process) or how he fucks with Letterman at the end. Either way, it should be considered a win for garage-punks everywhere.

Also of note: Mikal Cronin being a total babe.


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    holy shit, TY FUCKING SHREDS. also: - not as hilarious as that chicago morning show appearance where he kept screaming...
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  7. emptythreats said: All of this! Also, Letterman is kinda cute here, in a ‘oh the youth these days’ kinda way
  8. blackcatalystrecords said: I second that emotion about Mikal Cronin.
  9. samhclarke said: mikal cronin is such a qt
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