You know what the fuck is wrong with people? People don’t have any fucking loyalty these days. They just act like people are supposed to treat them with kindness and generosity throughout their lives, like it’s a fucking birthright. If I fly into your town and your family cooks me a fucking meal, then I’ve got your family’s back. People fuck up, people do stupid things. But you don’t turn on people. You especially don’t turn on people when they love you. I understand people grow apart and people do really awful things, but loyalty is a virtue I hold first in life. If you got my back, I got yours. Period. End of story. That’s non-negotiable. Loyalty is the most valuable thing in life to me.

Fuck all this wack shit where people turn on each other.


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  3. yoconozco said: AGREED. so much. if i like you in any way i’m going to have your back. i’m going to break my back for you. i’m going to treat you like a family member and i expect the same just because it’s a good fucking thing to do when you care.
  4. etraloss said: This is why I’m glad you know Kristal & Andrew. I’ve never known anyone to have my back more than those two. I know they have yours, too. And, fuck, we’ve never met but damn it, I have yours too! Because that’s what it’s about. Love creates love.
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