The problem with me is that I have way, way, far too many ideas.

I’m not even halfway done with American Water, and I’m already thinking about what I’d write about for my next novel:

  • The coming-of-age of teenage pickpocket-turned-boosting-gang-member, set in New York City in 1984
  • A Southern Californian female pro-skateboarder
  • I really, really, really want to write a heist novel of some sort
  • The fictional oral history of an independent pro-wrestling promotion
  • Maybe one about a spy agency, if I can find a way to pull that off without it being a complete and total cliche
  • Wouldn’t it also be cool to write about a small business laundered by drug money, but only write about the drug dealing part toward the end?

These book ideas, of course, are in addition to the television series I’d like to develop that’s loosely based on my time in the grocery store where I work.


  1. strange-heart said: First, I would read these. Second, why is that not a show yet?
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