"God bless your crazy, Martin Douglas. You’d be such a drag without it."

I was just talking to Scarlett about my ongoing flux of ideas, and I started to think about being a Legitimate Crazy Person. Would I want to not be crazy in lieu of being someone whose ideas jolt him out of bed, jotting half-legible notes down in one of my surplus of spiral notebooks at 4:30am? I don’t know, I’ve never thought about what it would be like to not have legitimate psychological problems. I’ve never thought about what it would be to have a less manic creative process, a less manic life process.

We all have to have optimism in our lives, right? Isn’t optimism just this form of long-shot creativity? Aren’t we just making stuff up for our own benefit down the line? Maybe being optimistic in general is crazy. Maybe being crazy is going to pay off for me one day. I have to hope it will eventually. I have to.


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