I hate it when you buy a pair of pants that aren’t as skinny as they look in the lookbook or the website or whatever. I think that’s one of the most persistent troubles I have; finding skinny pants that are skinny enough.


  1. siberia said: buy jeggings.
  2. katydidnot said: take them in a little bit! it is pretty easy sewing and you can rip the seams if you fuck it up and they will be fine.
  3. yoconozco said: i’m not kidding you when i say i tried on 20 pairs of pants at the mall in the past 2 days. WHY SO BUNCHY AT THE ANKLES ALWAYS?
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    Okay, right?! This is my lifelong battle. I’m “pear-shaped” so if the ass is big enough to fit me, the ankles are for...
  5. allthewhiskeyinheaven said: Martin Douglases who dress like Martin Douglas. Or attempt to, in any case.
  6. small-horror said: i recently bought a pair of jean leggings and they’re awesome. stretchy and tight.
  7. mar-see-ah said: HipsterWhines
  8. matthewedwards said: my biggest issue is the width of the leg opening at the ankle. it’s always way bigger than i want it to be.
  9. hugeinjapan said: All of my jeans problems are tight jeans problems, one way or another.
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