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yea, i kinda like it. i’m always hesitant to admit that, because i know it’s sometimes kind of problematic and lena is a heel IRL. but it’s an entertaining show with some pretty interesting stuff to say.

But here’s the thing, though! Lena being problematic in real life has been a really great way for all of us educated twenty-somethings to find a new way to talk about race! When she said that thing about Precious? (EDIT: That was Girls writer Lesley Arfin. Thanks, Nate!) Sure, it was kind of self-centered in a way you’d expect a privileged, educated white girl to be. But I’m a 29-year-old black dude and I don’t need everything I watch to be harrowing portrayals of life or heartwarming slices of cultural diversity. As much as I love shows like Parks and Rec and Community, and as much as those shows represent the cultural makeup of my own circle of friends, not everybody’s life is like that.

I think peeking into the lives of educated, progressive-minded white girls who don’t know any people of color could be a very creative way to look into how we treat race in America. But even aside from that, I think Hannah Horvath is one of the most interesting characters on television right now.


  1. liquidiousfleshbag said: girls just always seemed like it was the lady version of Ben’s life (but with less video games?) but you’re right about talking about it and learning from it. My dumb butt has learned a lot from the things coming out of it
  2. natepatrin said: It wasn’t Dunham that made the stupid “Precious” joke on Twitter, it was Lesley Arfin. (Also, looking this up on Wikipedia has revealed that there is now a Wikipedia entry for “hipster racism”.)
  3. aliealiealieee said: totally. girls totally IS what people like lena’s lives are like. it’s not like not having diversity in a story makes it not worth telling. it means we should probably also talk about the lack of diversity, but it doesn’t make it a bad show.
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