Ty Segall and his band at the Le Guess Who? festival in Utrecht, playing a set so insane that I can’t believe the first time I see him live will be on Tuesday (on my good friend Anna’s birthday!). Such a good set. Lots of great things will be happening to me next week, starting with this show. Here’s the full setlist:

  1. "Time" (featuring Tim Presley of White Fence)
  2. "Scissor People" (featuring Tim Presley of White Fence)
  3. "Thank God for Sinners"
  4. "You’re the Doctor"
  5. "I Bought My Eyes"
  6. "Standing at the Station"
  7. "Finger"
  8. "Girlfriend"
  9. "Imaginary Person"
  10. "Cents"
  11. "Wave Goodbye"
  12. "Tell Me What Inside Your Heart"
  13. "Handglams"
  14. "Pretty Baby (You’re So Ugly)"

(Source: spin.com)


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