Please help give me the strength to make it to the end of this fucking year.


  1. velveteenrabbit said: you and me both. holy fuckeroo.
  2. toniiu said: You can do it, I’m pulling for you all the way. :3
  3. strange-heart said: Just listen to some Mountain Goats and know that you’re loved and you’ll make it through.
  4. othermike said: you are too stylish not to. <3
  5. pussy-strut said: HUGS N MAD LOVE MARTIN DOUGLAS. U R GREAT.
  6. sigh-twombly said: <3 I love you Martin Douglas, you can get through these next 3 weeks, and 2013 is a new year with a lot of promise for you.
  7. alliegators said: <3
  8. doyourwardance said: we can do it.
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