dismissivejerkoffmotion said: What one person (alive) would you like to punch right in the face.

No particular person off the top of my head; they’d have to do something really, really horrible to either me or someone I love. And I really hope, for everyone’s sake, that I won’t ever have to punch somebody in the fucking face. Because I would in a heartbeat if they fuck with the people in my life.


  1. jewlesthemagnificent said: I hear you. People fuck with me, I get a little pissed. Fuck with my people? I will beat someone to death with a tire iron, for realsies. There are people I’ve never met who I hate blindly just because they did something super shitty to a friend.
  2. dismissivejerkoffmotion said: Ughhhhhhh I knew this would be your answer. I mean, like, yay, but BORING.
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