afrosandprose said: When I was little I used to believe that cats/dogs/domesticated animals could all speak to humans if they wanted to, but only didn't because most of the time, we were speaking to them in the wrong language. I used to try to speak to every animal I came across in French to see if one day I'd get lucky & one would respond. (Spoiler alert: It never happened). Did you have any "weird"/silly childhood beliefs? Did you have any childhood pets? Do you speak a second language? x

  • I can’t remember any of my silly childhood beliefs. I had lots of imaginary friends, though.
  • My childhood pet was named Poochie. She was a collie that lived with me and my grandmother. I remember the day she died. I remember what the dog paramedics looked like.
  • I speak a little Spanish. I was at the head of my class all three years, because Spanish isn’t a hard language to learn, but forgot most of it in the eleven years that I’ve been out of high school. I would love to learn it again.


  1. velveteenrabbit said: when i was very little i thought that blood *got into your body*, in part, from air/wind. so i was super-serious about putting my arm out the window when riding in a car. i am still pretty serious about this, but not super-serious.
  2. jewlesthemagnificent said: Spanish is pretty easy to re-learn. The best way is to just go somewhere where no one speaks English and you’ll be amazed how quickly you adapt!
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