sumovixensandsupercreeps said: how do you break into the music writing game, what's the secret?

Honestly? I wrote really crappy shit for almost five years before being mentored by Jeff Weiss, who I hold in high regard as the greatest music writer in the world. He somewhat foolishly gave me my own column on his blog, and people started reading it as I actually became decent at what I was doing.

Are you looking for advice? My advice is write every fucking day about everything you listen to (without burning yourself out), and when your writing is good enough, somebody will find you.


  1. lecollecteur said: You’re a good writer, man. Honestly. I really enjoyed that article on Beat Happening, and it actually just made me put that record on - which I hadn’t done in a while.
  2. jakec said: also: email the editor of local music rags or even websites with a couple samples. it’s pretty easy to break into because the standard is so low. avoid writing for arts sections in broad-appeal publications like the plague.
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